ribbonYou are eligible for a free breast imaging if:

1. You live in North East Florida – This includes St. Johns and Putnam County.

2. You have limited income
– This is based on the Census Bureau that changes yearly. For more information go to the office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation or contact Pink Up The Pace at (904) 471-1819 or fill out our email form.

3. You are a female between the ages of 18-39 or a male 18-65, with these exceptions:
– A women or man may be as young as 17 years of age if there is a history of breast cancer in the family (mother, sister, or grandmother; 10 year rule applies).
– A women or man may receive a first mammogram at the age of 20 and will not be eligible again until 5 years have passed since the last one was performed.

SPECIAL  NOTE: The goal of Pink Up The Pace is to focus on the under 40 population.  As of July 2012, we have temporarily expanded our age eligibility to include all patients under the age of 65 due to a current (hopefully temporary) lack of other funding sources in St. John’s County.  The Board will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the eligibility requirements as needed.

4.  You do not have private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.
Exceptions: “Pink Up The Pace” will fund free imaging to those who are underinsured (those who have a high deductible or a high co-pay). Follow up imaging services will be provided by PUTP for the extent of 2 years. Further, we will provide imaging to those who have Medicare, Part A, but not Part B (as long as you meet our income limits).

5.  You are not breast-feeding.

6. If you have any of the following: breast lump, changes in the nipple, breast discharge, or a lump under the arm.