Volunteer with Pink Up The Pace

Thank you for you interest in volunteering with Pink Up The Pace. There are many positions to fill on either expo day or race day. If you have an interest or have experience volunteering in a certain position, we would love to have you help at our expo and race. Please contact us for more details.

Check-in: Emails will be sent week prior to race with job assignments. Please sign in at Volunteer Table for paperwork, volunteer credentials and t-shirt.

For any last minute changes on race day, please email us at volunteer@pinkupthepace.org.

Job Positions & Descriptions:

Bag Stuffing: Done the Wednesday before the race at the Ponce de Leon Mall.

Bag Distribution: Volunteers can sign up for either expo or race day. Volunteers will provide participants with their bib #, t-shirt, and goody bag.

Registration: Volunteers can sign up for either expo or race day. Volunteers will assist participants with proper form registration, collect money, provide bib #, and if available race t-shirt

Volunteer Table: Done at the start of the day. Assist in signing in volunteers and shirt distribution.

Transition Area: Done from start to finish of the race. Volunteers are to help maintain control of the race “hot spot”. Some activities may include: elimination of area safety hazards, cheering participants and providing guidance and flow of event to both spectators and participants. At the finish line the main responsibility will be to avoid congregating at the city gates.

Water Tables: Done during the race. Volunteers are responsible for filling up and handing out water to athletes as they run past the table. Cups should be held at the top of the cup, by the fingertips. This assures for easy access to athletes as they pass by.  You will also be in charge of cleaning up this area.

Spotters: Done at the finish line towards the end of the race. Volunteers will assist announcer to capture numbers of racers as the cross the finish line.

Timing: Done at the start, first and second mile marks. These 3 positions help timing specialist record time as back up.

Clean Up: Done at the end of the race. Cleaning up tables, trash from the ground and collecting any race materials.